Profilo Custom Clip-On

Profilo Clip On

Profilo Custom Clip-Ons
in London Ontario

Sunglass Clip-Ons

Profilo Custom Clip-Ons allow you to easily switch from glasses to sunglasses without the hassle of changing frames. They are designed to fit securely onto your eyeglasses and provide maximum UV protection with polarized lenses. Profilo Custom Clip-Ons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find something that will work perfectly for your frames. Additionally, each pair comes with a hardshell case for easy travel and storage. Whether you’re looking for a casual or sporty style, there’s sure to be something in our selection of clip-ons that will meet your needs! Visit the Old North Optometry clinic in London, Ontario today to try on our selection of Profilo Custom Clip-Ons.

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