Laser Vision Co-Management

Refractive Surgery Treatment

Dr. Pepe and Dr. Fleming work closely with TLC London co-managing patients who are interested in refractive surgery options. Feel free to inquire about whether or not you are a candidate for refractive surgery and the options available.

Laser Vision Co-Management in London, Ontario

At Old North Optometry, we are proud to offer Laser Vision Co-Management for our patients. This is a process that involves both the optometrist and ophthalmologist working together to determine the best treatment plan for your eye health needs. Our team of expert optometrists use advanced technology to perform comprehensive eye exams and then refer you to an ophthalmologist who specializes in laser vision correction surgery. With this co-management process, you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality care and treatment available. We understand how important it is to have healthy eyesight, so let us help keep your vision as clear as possible!

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