Diagnostic Testing

Benefits Of Diagnostic Eye Tests

Diagnostic eye tests are essential for detecting and diagnosing vision problems, understanding how the eyes work together, and identifying any underlying conditions that may be causing visual disturbances. At Old North Optometry, we use diagnostic eye tests to evaluate your current vision needs and develop a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to you. Our comprehensive tests include refraction analysis, ocular health assessment, retinal imaging, corneal mapping, binocular vision testing, and more. With our help you can ensure that your eyes are healthy and functioning properly. Visit the Old North Optometry clinic to get a diagnostic eye test in London, Ontario.

Diagnostic Eye Tests in London, Ontario


Auto Refractor

The Tonoref II by Nidek provides state of the art technology, taking a number of measurements including autorefraction, which is a starting point for the doctors to check your prescription. It also gives keratometry readings, which is a measurement of the curvature of the eye. This instrument also measures the intraocular pressure in the eye with a soft puff of air. Nidek has a tradition of high quality and accuracy allowing for quicker and easier measurements.


Auto Phoropter

At Old North Optometry, we use the latest in diagnostic instruments, including a Nidek Smart Refractor which is ergonomically designed for patient comfort and allows us to observe a wider visual field and obtain more accurate and reliable measurements. The instrument allows the doctor to switch effortlessly between the prescription in the patient’s current glasses to their new prescription, making it easy for the patient to decide whether or not the change is significant enough to update their glasses.

Eye Exams in London, Ontario

Anterior Segment Photography

The microscope that is used to check the front of the eye (the anterior segment of the eye) has a camera attached and allows us to photograph the different abnormalities to better track how those abnormalities might be changing (either progressing or resolving, or even possibly remaining stable).



LipiFlow is a procedure designed to treat the root cause of the most common form of Dry Eye—Evaporative Dry Eye disease. This disease is caused by a blockage in your Meibomian glands—located in the upper and lower eyelids—and results in a shortage of oil in your tear film. LipiFlow works by applying controlled heat to the back of the eyelid near the affected glands and slight pressure to the front, helping to unblock the glands and allowing proper oil production to resume. This can slow deterioration and provide symptom relief.


Optical Coherence Tomography

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a diagnostic tool used to produce a cross-sectional image of the retina, optic nerve and macula in high resolution. It is non-invasive imaging technology and, when used as part of your regular eye examination, assists our doctors in early diagnosis and subsequent treatment of diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and various other retinal diseases.


Visual Fields Analyzer

Visual field testing is performed to assess the quality and quantity of a patient’s peripheral vision. This aids the optometrist in the diagnosis and treatment of many different ocular diseases such as central nerve pathology, glaucoma and macular field changes, to name a few.

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