Eye Nutrition Food

Dr. Laurie Capogna and Dr. Barbara Pelletier have written two informative books that help people to choose the appropriate foods in their diet to improve eye health and prevent eye diseases. The books are a great resource and even include meal ideas and recipes. We have both of these available in the office, just ask for a copy at the front desk.

Best Diet for Eye Health

Nutrition for Eye Health

Improve Eye Care

Our selection of vitamins and nutritional supplements can help support healthy vision, reduce fatigue, increase focus, and more. Shop our selection today to find the perfect eye health solution for you! These books are very helpful and informative for eye care. At Old North Optometry, our goal is to provide the best eyewear solutions at an affordable price. We work hard to ensure that every patient gets the personalized attention they need to make sure their eyes are healthy and the glasses fit perfectly.

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